“Coaching gets you from where you are to where you want to be.”

That’s my favorite description of coaching. 
Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? Don’t get me wrong – it’s work. But it works! 
Not by pushing yourself hard. But by knowing yourself and what you truly want, figuring out how to get there and go for it!

I’ll support you throughout this process by co-creating with you the space where you can grow, dare, fail, and learn. 


How it works

  • We start out with a foundation session of 90 – 120 minutes, where you define your objectives for the coaching, we design how we work together to reach these objectives and develop some resources. 
  • We’ll then have regular sessions of 60 minutes each. The frequency of these sessions will be adapted to what works best for you. In-between sessions you’ll be taking tailored steps to move closer to your objectives.

During that time you’ll get effective tools, resources, an accountability partner and a champion at your side who sees you for everything you are and want to be. 

I work mostly (but not exclusively) with women in the international human rights and humanitarian sectors and women in politics. Women who want to make a difference for themselves and others.

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Know yourself and what you want.

Not what you think you can achieve.
But what you really truly want.

You want to have more impact? 

You want to use your full potential? 

You want to do something that has meaning for you? 

You want to have more balance in your life? 

You want to change the world around you but don’t really know where to go from here? 
Or you know but don’t quite dare yet? 

Together we’ll develop a clear and powerful vision of what you want for yourself and the world.

Figure out how you will get there and go for it!

You’ll tap into the power and energy in yourself to pursue your vision.

You’ll train your brain to access more easily the powerful, grounded and wise leader within you.

You will get access to new perspectives on your situation, your goals and yourself.

We’ll work through the fears and limiting beliefs that keep you playing small. 

You’ll take courageous steps and I’ll hold you accountable with love – for the sake of your progress.

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Clients I have worked with

  • Women who are at a crossroads in their career and want to find their next professional adventure
  • Women who want to have more impact; dare to step up and lead
  • Women who want to grow as leaders
  • Women who are political leaders and women running for political office in Switzerland
  • Women who want to have balance in their lives: time & energy for both meaningful work and important relationships
  • Men who want more from life, more from their job 

What my clients say

«Coaching with Kathrin was very enriching. In a short period of time it allowed me to develop my own personality holistically. I learned to access and develop my own resources and live my potential in a more conscious and purposeful way.

Thanks to her honest, objective and gracious way, Kathrin created a great atmosphere in our sessions.»

«Kathrin asks the right questions, probes, and doesn’t let loose – exactly what I was hoping to get from a coach.».

«Kathrin grasped quickly what my challenges were and then showed me and let me experience where to find the strength and confidence within me to deal with them. I always felt that Kathrin met me where I was in the moment and understood what my projects and I needed most right now.»

«Kathrin supported me as a coach throughout my election campaign. We worked on my inner saboteurs, my inspiration and expanded my comfort zone. The coaching helped me to break down my experiences and to dare try out new ideas and new ways.»

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